Stylish Shower Replacement, part uno!

This post describes yet another ‘custom’ tile shower install fail. It was almost one of the most strangely bad shower construction installs I’ve seen. While I’d previously encountered shower installs done with no waterproofing at all and the most bizzare ‘waterproofing’ imaginable, this job was another first. How do you use all the (mostly) right ingredients to construct a shower that is completely wrong? Read … Continue reading Stylish Shower Replacement, part uno!

How to Save on a Bathroom Reno

You ideally want to get the best results for the lowest price on your bath remodel project. Careful shopping and smart design can help keep the costs of fixtures and tile and other materials low. But contractor labor is the biggest cost for any full reno. This post has ideas for how to get quality bids without inflated labor pricing. The bottom line? Good contractors really like to work for organized clients who have clear plans. Read on to find out why and how! Continue reading How to Save on a Bathroom Reno

Replacing Cracked Wall Tile

There are a lot of ways that a ceramic tub surround wall tile can get cracked. But, if the crack runs along the entire length of the longest tub surround wall, then there’s only one explanation — whoever installed the original tub surround used concrete backerboard (good) but jammed the backerboard seams so tightly together that they couldn’t expand or contract without cracking the tile … Continue reading Replacing Cracked Wall Tile

Let’s Make a Shower!

Because, showers are great. Every home needs a bathtub bath. But, if you’ve got two bathtubs and no walk-in shower, then you’re just not living life to the fullest. Is it easy to convert a tub to a walk in shower? Not necessarily. But is it super difficult? Usually not. Worst case, you may need to get some jackhammering done to widen out drain access … Continue reading Let’s Make a Shower!

Classic Tub Surround

The Before — look familiar? After a successful shower replacement renovation, it was time to also refresh the main bath in the house — a tub/shower combo with the same design problems as the previous bath: Once again, the previous renovators had used inexpensive ceramic floor tile for the tub surround install. And, the same institutional brown tile for the bathroom floor. And, the extra-long … Continue reading Classic Tub Surround