A Shower Floor Re-tile

This post describes the least invasive way to retile a shower floor. The conventional “fix” for problematic shower tile is to simply rip everything out and start over completely. However, if the shower is not leaking then it can be possible to simply tile over top of the existing shower floor tile to fix drainage or other issues. Want to learn how to do this without causing future problems? Then read on for a detailed example! Continue reading A Shower Floor Re-tile

EMERGENCY burst pipe DIY repair info!

If you’re in Austin or just about anywhere else in Texas right now, you may be facing an urgent problem as your frozen pipes start to thaw. If your copper water pipes have burst, then you’ll start to get a major water leak as the rest of the pipes in your home thaw and water starts flowing again. Here’s what to do if you hear water gushing. Continue reading EMERGENCY burst pipe DIY repair info!

Outdoor Patio Tile Install

This post gives a detailed description for how to install patio tile for a crack-free lifetime guarantee. If you want to cover an outdoor concrete patio slab with ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone tile, then you need to consider how daily and seasonal heating and cooling can cause the tile and concrete below to expand and contract at different rates. This combined with freezing and thawing moisture often results in an eventual cracked tile mess. Here is a step by step guide for making a perfectly tiled outdoor space. Continue reading Outdoor Patio Tile Install