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So, Where to Buy Tile?

Good question! One of the first steps to a bathroom or kitchen renovation is picking materials. So, sourcing a tile type and style that you’ll like is pretty important. So, here’s a post that explains some basics for tile buying in Austin, TX! Where to Go? The answer is a definite “it depends” If your tastes are flexible and/or your budget is tight, then an … Continue reading So, Where to Buy Tile?

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To Niche or Not To Niche?

Trick question since the answer is always YES, definitely put some nice niche goodness in your new custom shower! Convenient and stylish in addition to practical, adding well designed in-wall niche storage space is like adding a super fantastic closet for your shower. This post gives lots of ideas for adding value to your custom tile shower or tub surround. Continue reading To Niche or Not To Niche?

Kitchen Floor Tile Fabu

This is a post that describes installing large format porcelain ceramic tile for a 200-ft2 kitchen space on a concrete subfloor with some significant fractures. If you want to make sure that your expensive new 12×12 inch or larger tile doesn’t crack, then there are several things you can do: Make sure the substrate (concrete slab or plywood subfloor) is sound and flex-free. If the … Continue reading Kitchen Floor Tile Fabu