How to Save on a Kitchen Reno

Kitchen renovations can get very expensive very quickly. And, unlike a bedroom or bathroom or other kind of reno project, most homes have only one kitchen. So you’ll want to both keep costs down and also plan carefully to speed everything along once the reno work starts. This post has tips and tricks for speedy kitchen makeover ideas that won’t break your bank. Continue reading How to Save on a Kitchen Reno

How to Save on a Bathroom Reno

You ideally want to get the best results for the lowest price on your bath remodel project. Careful shopping and smart design can help keep the costs of fixtures and tile and other materials low. But contractor labor is the biggest cost for any full reno. This post has ideas for how to get quality bids without inflated labor pricing. The bottom line? Good contractors really like to work for organized clients who have clear plans. Read on to find out why and how! Continue reading How to Save on a Bathroom Reno

The Seam-y Side of Mosaics

Natural stone mosaic tile is a popular choice for shower and bathroom floors nowadays. And it can be a great way to add some flair to a renovation design. However using natural stone mosaics can also result in annoyingly obvious seams. Human brains are really great at pattern recognition. So it can be difficult to hide the seams between individual mosaic tile mats for a perfectly uniform looking final result. Read on if you’d like some tips for installing seamless stone tile mosaics! Continue reading The Seam-y Side of Mosaics

So, Where to Buy Tile?

Tile can be expensive, and finding tile that you like can be hard. There are lots of retail options for buying tile but there are also lots of pros and cons to consider like selection vs markup, easy returns vs online availability, etc. It’s a good idea to know where residential reno tile comes from even if you’re working with a pro designer. Knowledge is power after all, and some tile buying intel can be a powerful cost savings tool. So this post has some tips! Continue reading So, Where to Buy Tile?

Let’s Talk about GROUT!

Here’s some info about different types of grout and the pros/cons of each. This post doesn’t have detailed instructions for installing grout yourself, but does have lots of details about what kind of grout to use if you are wanting to do a DIY project. It also has all the info you’ll need to have a clear and informed discussion with an installation pro about what’s the best specific grout to use for YOUR particular tile reno project! Continue reading Let’s Talk about GROUT!