Space-Age Tub Surround

This project was an update to a backyard rental house turned Austin-style stand alone tiny home. The structure started out as a detached garage built in the 1960s when this particular Austin neighborhood was not even technically inside the Austin city limits, and was converted into a ‘mother-in-law’ -type backyard living space around 1980 or so. In subsequent decades as home values along the West … Continue reading Space-Age Tub Surround

A “Very Brady” Tub Surround Redo

Some folks in the neighborhood had an early ’70s vintage house with a pretty seriously failing tub surround. The house had been flipped and re-sold sometime around 2005 or so, and the tub surround had been redone in the least expensive way possible: Aesthetics aside, a basic 4×4 white ceramic tile tub surround is fine so long as it’s installed with proper waterproofing. Unfortunately, tile … Continue reading A “Very Brady” Tub Surround Redo

Stylish Shower Replacement, part deux!

This post describes the process of fixing a remarkably badly done shower install. If you’d like the demo diagnosis background for this project, then check out Part Uno. If you’d instead just like to see how to install a completely watertight shower, then read on! The Material Challenge Folks often mistakenly believe that tile is waterproof. While some types of tile are indeed nearly waterproof, … Continue reading Stylish Shower Replacement, part deux!

Kitchen Floor Tile Fabu

This is a post that describes installing large format porcelain ceramic tile for a 200-ft2 kitchen space on a concrete subfloor with some significant fractures. If you want to make sure that your expensive new 12×12 inch or larger tile doesn’t crack, then there are several things you can do: Make sure the substrate (concrete slab or plywood subfloor) is sound and flex-free. If the … Continue reading Kitchen Floor Tile Fabu

New Tile for a New(ish) Kitchen

This post explains how to demo, prep, and re-tile a kitchen space with a plywood subfloor. Replacing a tile floor can seem challenging, but it’s actually pretty straightforward with the right materials and tools. The Start This is a kitchen in a 1950s -vintage pier and beam bungalow that had already been renovated with new cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Unfortunately though, the kitchen renovator had … Continue reading New Tile for a New(ish) Kitchen