Let’s Make a Shower!

Because, showers are great. Every home needs a bathtub bath. But, if you’ve got two bathtubs and no walk-in shower, then you’re just not living life to the fullest. Is it easy to convert a tub to a walk in shower? Not necessarily. But is it super difficult? Usually not. Worst case, you may need to get some jackhammering done to widen out drain access … Continue reading Let’s Make a Shower!

Tearing Walls DOWN!

Barriers aren’t great … … when they block the livability of livingroom spaces. But, 1980s suburban architects and builders (or 1990s builders working from 80s cookie-cutter blueprints) often didn’t think much about the liveability of the generic two-story homes they stamped out. The focus instead was on profit maximization, which meant maximizing the room count of sales listings. For example, it’s great for liveability to … Continue reading Tearing Walls DOWN!

Shower Repair Rescue, part deux

Here’s a description for how to repair a large custom walk-in shower that was originally installed without any waterproofing at all. Instead of ripping everything to the studs and starting over, it was possible to replace just the shower base and curb and the first row of wall tile for a fix. Read on to see how this is done and to see some pretty super-custom slower floor sloping! Continue reading Shower Repair Rescue, part deux

Classic Tub Surround

The Before — look familiar? After a successful shower replacement renovation, it was time to also refresh the main bath in the house — a tub/shower combo with the same design problems as the previous bath: Once again, the previous renovators had used inexpensive ceramic floor tile for the tub surround install. And, the same institutional brown tile for the bathroom floor. And, the extra-long … Continue reading Classic Tub Surround

Shower Floor Fixing

What to do with a busted shower? It’s a question that I get pretty frequently. Mostly, it’s from folks who have custom walk-in showers with floors that don’t drain. It’s actually pretty difficult to make a custom shower base with an even and effective slope to the drain, especially if the shower footprint is oddly shaped. Lots of tile installers don’t take the time to … Continue reading Shower Floor Fixing