Contact Info

Service Area: Just about anywhere within ~15mi of the 78723 zip code


Phone: 512-806-4455 (9a-4p, Mon-Fri)


Emailing is much better than a phonecall if you’re not already on my contacts list and want to be guaranteed a reply. My voicemail gets hammered by spam calls, so email or Yelp messages are much easier to continuously monitor.

Also please keep in mind that I am not a traditional general contractor with a crew or subs or with multiple projects going on at once.

I am a solo reno pro and so can work on just one project at a time. I’m therefore usually not available for emergency needs or projects needing to start immediately. I’m almost always booked out 3-4 months in advance on a rolling basis.

So, if you’re just now finalizing a design and starting to choose the finish materials for a renovation project that you are hoping to get started in 3-4 months, then that’s a perfect time to email, set up a phone chat, and then schedule a day/time for a no cost visit and detailed pricing writeup!