How to Slope a Shower “Pan”

This post describes how to properly install a traditional shower “pan” waterproofed with PVC vinyl or fiberglass. You can DIY this yourself, but it’s best to get expert help. Either way, it’s good to know how to make a properly sloped and waterproofed shower base no matter who does the actual hands-on work. Custom tile shower floors must be done perfectly to last a lifetime. Here are tips to ensure that your custom shower floor is done correctly! Continue reading How to Slope a Shower “Pan”

How to Waterproof a Tile Shower

There are several different ways to properly waterproof a custom tile shower. Unfortunately there are very many more ways to screw up shower waterproofing. Sometimes, an improperly waterproofed shower will start obviously leaking right away. Most of the time, unfortunately, it takes several years for moisture from a leaky shower to start causing visible symptoms like swelling baseboards or moldy wall cavities. This post describes how to ensure that YOUR custom tile shower waterproofing is done correctly. Continue reading How to Waterproof a Tile Shower

Whole Shower Fixing

Sometimes, you need to nuke it from space It’s the only way to be sure, after all. This post describes a partial full-nuke shower replacement process. While nuking all the tile turned out to be a necessity, it was still possible to replace basically the entire shower without replacing the existing custom glass enclosure and shower door. This saved several thousand dollars, which was nice. … Continue reading Whole Shower Fixing

Kitchen Reno: maximizing condo value

The Challenge? How to make an outdated kitchen in a 750ft2 2/1 apartment condo shine without making the rest of the condo look terrible in the process. This is a pretty common problem, especially apparent if you make a habit of looking at rehab house open houses. To save the cost of full remodels, folks focus on renovating just the bathrooms and/or kitchen to focus … Continue reading Kitchen Reno: maximizing condo value

Custom Shower Creating

Walk-in Showers — the BEST! Seriously, it’s great to live like Roman nobility. In other words, it’s great to live in the 20/21st century. This client was looking for someone to finish a medium 3’x5′ shower that had a traditional fiberglass waterproofing pan installed but not much else. The space was converted from a former smaller bathroom that had had a large 80s vintage whirlpool … Continue reading Custom Shower Creating

Fixing a Leaking Shower Curb

This post describes one way to fix a custom tiled shower floor that’s leaking water through the curb. If you know that the shower pan waterproofing liner is fiberglass, then it can be possible to remove and replace just the shower floor tile and concrete slope to fix a bad slope or even minor waterproofing leaks. Read on for details! Continue reading Fixing a Leaking Shower Curb

Kitchen Reno: the full kind

The upside of a bad kitchen … … is the low bar for making it better! These folks had a quite outdated 1980s vintage kitchen space that was nicely large and worked okay, but didn’t have much else going for it. Dark, uninspired, and not completely functional for a growing family: A full to-the-studs complete renovation redo for a large ~200ft2 kitchen with lots of … Continue reading Kitchen Reno: the full kind

Backsplash With Style

Don’t date your kitchen! Instead, make sure that your design and materials choices will compliment future upgrades. One way to ensure this is to choose materials to complement the original age and style of the rest of the house. For this project, that meant working with something that would have been right at home in an original 1960s mod home. The stainless appliances and neutral … Continue reading Backsplash With Style

Kitchen Reno: the partial kind

When your kitchen is beyond outdated… …but you have a tight budget, what to do? That’s the problem these folks had, with a great kitchen space but full of kludged-together bits and pieces: The cabinets were solid but not great -looking 1980s particle board veneer with some missing doors and drawers. The cooktop and sink were 70s vintage (in a not charming way). The 20ft2 … Continue reading Kitchen Reno: the partial kind

Opening Up a Load Bearing Wall!

Open plan kitchen and living areas have been popular for a long time now, but most homes built before the 1990s were still often designed around closed kitchens and formal dining rooms. So what to do if your home is full of load bearing walls you want to get rid of? Simple, just replace with beams! This post describes the demo, carpentry, and finish for opening up a galley kitchen. In this case a partial wall removal was a super-economical choice for getting an open-feel kitchen on a tight budget. Continue reading Opening Up a Load Bearing Wall!

Stylish Tub Surrounding

The problem with original 50s bungalows… … is they often have a long history of bungled reno work. In this case, a tub surround that was last done sometime in the 1970s. Aside from the questionable move of just tiling around the original window, it was made of tile stuck directly to drywall with no waterproofing. It was now literally dissolving after miraculously lasting so … Continue reading Stylish Tub Surrounding

How to Fix a Shower Floor Slope

This post describes how to remove and reinstall shower floor tile to correct an improper slope. To drain effectively, shower floor tile needs to be sloped at least 1/8-in per linear foot of run from the walls to the drain. Sometimes installers screw this up. But if there is a properly installed waterproofing liner below the surface floor tile and concrete drypack layer, it can be possible to fix a bad slope without ripping apart the whole shower. Read on to see how! Continue reading How to Fix a Shower Floor Slope