Backsplash With Style

Don’t date your kitchen! Instead, make sure that your design and materials choices will compliment future upgrades. One way to ensure this is to choose materials to complement the original age and style of the rest of the house. For this project, that meant working with something that would have been right at home in an original 1960s mod home. The stainless appliances and neutral … Continue reading Backsplash With Style

Kitchen Reno: the partial kind

When your kitchen is beyond outdated… …but you have a tight budget, what to do? That’s the problem these folks had, with a great kitchen space but full of kludged-together bits and pieces: The cabinets were solid but not great -looking 1980s particle board veneer with some missing doors and drawers. The cooktop and sink were 70s vintage (in a not charming way). The 20ft2 … Continue reading Kitchen Reno: the partial kind