Tub Surround Replacing

This project was typical with a twist. It’s very common to upgrade a bath renovation with a new tub, tub surround tile, floor tile, etc. It’s less common to also add a window or replace every bit of drywall. But, if you’re already going mostly to the studs on a renovation project anyway, then it’s usually only an added incremental cost to go ahead and … Continue reading Tub Surround Replacing

Space-Age Tub Surround

This project was an update to a backyard rental house turned Austin-style stand alone tiny home. The structure started out as a detached garage built in the 1960s when this particular Austin neighborhood was not even technically inside the Austin city limits, and was converted into a ‘mother-in-law’ -type backyard living space around 1980 or so. In subsequent decades as home values along the West … Continue reading Space-Age Tub Surround

A “Very Brady” Tub Surround Redo

Some folks in the neighborhood had an early ’70s vintage house with a pretty seriously failing tub surround. The house had been flipped and re-sold sometime around 2005 or so, and the tub surround had been redone in the least expensive way possible: Aesthetics aside, a basic 4×4 white ceramic tile tub surround is fine so long as it’s installed with proper waterproofing. Unfortunately, tile … Continue reading A “Very Brady” Tub Surround Redo

Replacing Cracked Wall Tile

There are a lot of ways that a ceramic tub surround wall tile can get cracked. But, if the crack runs along the entire length of the longest tub surround wall, then there’s only one explanation — whoever installed the original tub surround used concrete backerboard (good) but jammed the backerboard seams so tightly together that they couldn’t expand or contract without cracking the tile … Continue reading Replacing Cracked Wall Tile

Stylish Tub Surrounding

The problem with original 50s bungalows… … is they often have a long history of bungled reno work. In this case, a tub surround that was last done sometime in the 1970s. Aside from the questionable move of just tiling around the original window, it was made of tile stuck directly to drywall with no waterproofing. It was now literally dissolving after miraculously lasting so … Continue reading Stylish Tub Surrounding