Shower “Pan” Sloping

This post describes how to properly install a traditional shower “pan” waterproofed with PVC vinyl or fiberglass. You can DIY this yourself, but it’s best to get expert help. Either way, it’s good to know how to make a properly sloped and waterproofed shower base no matter who does the actual hands-on work. Custom tile shower floors must be done perfectly to last a lifetime. Here are tips to ensure that your custom shower floor is done correctly! Continue reading Shower “Pan” Sloping

Tile Shower Waterproofing Basics

There are several different ways to properly waterproof a custom tile shower. Unfortunately there are very many more ways to screw up shower waterproofing. Sometimes, an improperly waterproofed shower will start obviously leaking right away. Most of the time, unfortunately, it takes several years for moisture from a leaky shower to start causing visible symptoms like swelling baseboards or moldy wall cavities. This post describes how to ensure that YOUR custom tile shower waterproofing is done correctly. Continue reading Tile Shower Waterproofing Basics

Whole Shower Fixing

Sometimes, you need to nuke it from space It’s the only way to be sure, after all. This post describes a partial full-nuke shower replacement process. While nuking all the tile turned out to be a necessity, it was still possible to replace basically the entire shower without replacing the existing custom glass enclosure and shower door. This saved several thousand dollars, which was nice. … Continue reading Whole Shower Fixing

Custom Shower Creating

Walk-in Showers — the BEST! Seriously, it’s great to live like Roman nobility. In other words, it’s great to live in the 20/21st century. This client was looking for someone to finish a medium 3’x5′ shower that had a traditional fiberglass waterproofing pan installed but not much else. The space was converted from a former smaller bathroom that had had a large 80s vintage whirlpool … Continue reading Custom Shower Creating

Full Shower Reno

To the Studs (and beyond) These clients had a completely unfinished guest bath space that had been sitting unfinished for awhile. Normally, finishing out a full bath takes just a couple weeks max even with a custom walk-in tiled shower. But this space had some wrinkles needing to be ironed out to achieve what the homeowners really wanted. That’s usually the hangup when it comes … Continue reading Full Shower Reno