Tearing Walls DOWN!

Barriers aren’t great … … when they block the livability of livingroom spaces. But, 1980s suburban architects and builders (or 1990s builders working from 80s cookie-cutter blueprints) often didn’t think much about the liveability of the generic two-story homes they stamped out. The focus instead was on profit maximization, which meant maximizing the room count of sales listings. For example, it’s great for liveability to … Continue reading Tearing Walls DOWN!

Kitchen Reno: the full kind

The upside of a bad kitchen … … is the low bar for making it better! These folks had a quite outdated 1980s vintage kitchen space that was nicely large and worked okay, but didn’t have much else going for it. Dark, uninspired, and not completely functional for a growing family: A full to-the-studs complete renovation redo for a large ~200ft2 kitchen with lots of … Continue reading Kitchen Reno: the full kind

Blowing Out Walls!

Open kitchens are great … … but tell that to homebuilders in the Carter/Reagan years. Even in the 1970s and 80s, architects and homebuilders still defaulted to literally walling off kitchen prep and cooking spaces from dining rooms and family rooms as though it were still the 1950s. Just bought a cool kitchy retro ’70s home at a great value price? Good work! Now want … Continue reading Blowing Out Walls!