Fixing the WORST, part uno!

This was the most bizarrely terrible shower construction I’d ever encountered. So, it’s going to be a pretty long description encompassing what was wrong with the original shower design (with vids!), how that terrible design might’ve happened (a bit speculative), and finally how it was fixed without demolishing all of the existing tile (with tips!). That’s why the whole description is split into two parts. … Continue reading Fixing the WORST, part uno!

Shower Repair Rescue, part deux

Here’s a description for how to repair a large custom walk-in shower that was originally installed without any waterproofing at all. Instead of ripping everything to the studs and starting over, it was possible to replace just the shower base and curb and the first row of wall tile for a fix. Read on to see how this is done and to see some pretty super-custom slower floor sloping! Continue reading Shower Repair Rescue, part deux

Shower Floor Resloping

This post describes how to remove and reinstall shower floor tile to correct an improper slope. To drain effectively, shower floor tile needs to be sloped at least 1/8-in per linear foot of run from the walls to the drain. Sometimes installers screw this up. But if there is a properly installed waterproofing liner below the surface floor tile and concrete drypack layer, it can be possible to fix a bad slope without ripping apart the whole shower. Read on to see how! Continue reading Shower Floor Resloping