More Leaky Shower Fixing

Just about every month, I get calls from folks with the same problem — a ‘custom’ tiled shower that leaks water. Usually, folks first notice this as water pooling on the outside of the shower curb. Or, folks notice a musty moldy smell in an adjacent closet. OR, the problem announces itself quite loudly with water literally dripping from the ceiling below a second-floor shower. … Continue reading More Leaky Shower Fixing

Fixing the WORST, part uno!

This was the most bizarrely terrible shower construction I’d ever encountered. So, it’s going to be a pretty long description encompassing what was wrong with the original shower design (with vids!), how that terrible design might’ve happened (a bit speculative), and finally how it was fixed without demolishing all of the existing tile (with tips!). That’s why the whole description is split into two parts. … Continue reading Fixing the WORST, part uno!

Shower Repair Rescue, part deux

In Our Last Episode … … there was a homeowner who, after trying to save a few bucks, was stuck with possibly the worst shower installation ever. It was certainly the worst ‘custom’ tile shower install that I’d ever seen. Aside from the uneven tile, bad grout, and completely flat unsloped floor, there was literally no waterproofing at all for the shower base. Not good. … Continue reading Shower Repair Rescue, part deux

Flat, Pitted, and Leaky …

… is no way to be if you’re a shower floor! So, here’s the deal. I usually try (sometimes unsuccessfully, but at least with a try) to be charitable (or at least polite) towards previous contractors whose work I’m often called on to repair or completely redo. Sometimes mistakes happen for explainable reasons, after all. But sometimes you come across some work that can only … Continue reading Flat, Pitted, and Leaky …

Whole Shower Fixing

Sometimes, you need to nuke it from space It’s the only way to be sure, after all. This post describes a partial full-nuke shower replacement process. While nuking all the tile turned out to be a necessity, it was still possible to replace basically the entire shower without replacing the existing custom glass enclosure and shower door. This saved several thousand dollars, which was nice. … Continue reading Whole Shower Fixing