Super Shower ONE: demo and framing

This post describes the demo and prep steps for transforming a terrible bathroom space into a groovy vintage-modern spa shower space. It took a lot of work, and so the description is pretty long. If you’d like to skip ahead to the actual tile install and finish steps, then just click this “Super Shower TWO: making the actual shower!” link. But, if you’re interested to … Continue reading Super Shower ONE: demo and framing

Let’s Make a Shower!

Because, showers are great. Every home needs a bathtub bath. But, if you’ve got two bathtubs and no walk-in shower, then you’re just not living life to the fullest. Is it easy to convert a tub to a walk in shower? Not necessarily. But is it super difficult? Usually not. Worst case, you may need to get some jackhammering done to widen out drain access … Continue reading Let’s Make a Shower!

Full Shower Reno

To the Studs (and beyond) These clients had a completely unfinished guest bath space that had been sitting unfinished for awhile. Normally, finishing out a full bath takes just a couple weeks max even with a custom walk-in tiled shower. But this space had some wrinkles needing to be ironed out to achieve what the homeowners really wanted. That’s usually the hangup when it comes … Continue reading Full Shower Reno