How to Save on a Kitchen Reno

Kitchen renovations can get very expensive very quickly. And, unlike a bedroom or bathroom or other kind of reno project, most homes have only one kitchen. So you’ll want to both keep costs down and also plan carefully to speed everything along once the reno work starts. This post has tips and tricks for speedy kitchen makeover ideas that won’t break your bank. Continue reading How to Save on a Kitchen Reno

New Tile for a New(ish) Kitchen

This post explains how to demo, prep, and re-tile a kitchen space with a plywood subfloor. Replacing a tile floor can seem challenging, but it’s actually pretty straightforward with the right materials and tools. The Start This is a kitchen in a 1950s -vintage pier and beam bungalow that had already been renovated with new cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Unfortunately though, the kitchen renovator had … Continue reading New Tile for a New(ish) Kitchen

Kitchen Reno: the full kind

The upside of a bad kitchen … … is the low bar for making it better! These folks had a quite outdated 1980s vintage kitchen space that was nicely large and worked okay, but didn’t have much else going for it. Dark, uninspired, and not completely functional for a growing family: A full to-the-studs complete renovation redo for a large ~200ft2 kitchen with lots of … Continue reading Kitchen Reno: the full kind

Blowing Out Walls!

Open plan kitchen and living areas have been popular for a long time now, but most homes built before the 1990s were still often designed around closed kitchens and formal dining rooms. So what to do if your home is full of load bearing walls you want to get rid of? Simple, just replace with beams! This post describes the demo, carpentry, and finish for opening up a galley kitchen. In this case a partial wall removal was a super-economical choice for getting an open-feel kitchen on a tight budget. Continue reading Blowing Out Walls!