EMERGENCY burst pipe DIY repair info!

If you’re in Austin or just about anywhere else in Texas right now, you may be facing an urgent problem as your frozen pipes start to thaw. If your copper water pipes have burst, then you’ll start to get a major water leak as the rest of the pipes in your home thaw and water starts flowing again. Here’s what to do if you hear water gushing. Continue reading EMERGENCY burst pipe DIY repair info!

Yes, GO to the Light!

This full bath reno was in the neat old Tarrytown hood west of downtown — just up the road from the Deep Eddy pool, the original Magnolia Cafe diner, and on a street full of repeatedly renovated 1930s homes with more character than an oscar-winning supporting actor. A three bed two bath split-level stone bungalow, its last makeover was sometime in the 1990s when bought … Continue reading Yes, GO to the Light!

Super Shower ONE: demo and framing

This post describes the demo and prep steps for transforming a terrible bathroom space into a groovy vintage-modern spa shower space. It took a lot of work, and so the description is pretty long. If you’d like to skip ahead to the actual tile install and finish steps, then just click this “Super Shower TWO: making the actual shower!” link. But, if you’re interested to … Continue reading Super Shower ONE: demo and framing

Stylish Shower Replacement, part deux!

This post describes the process of fixing a remarkably badly done shower install. If you’d like the demo diagnosis background for this project, then check out Part Uno. If you’d instead just like to see how to install a completely watertight shower, then read on! The Material Challenge Folks often mistakenly believe that tile is waterproof. While some types of tile are indeed nearly waterproof, … Continue reading Stylish Shower Replacement, part deux!